Hello! Welcome to my website!

I’m Keith and I make because it makes me happy. Many people ask me, why do you love land art?

“My art fulfillls a deep and ancient need to be in co-creation with life and my environment. Foraging for my materials connects me to a distant memory, where a bag of fruit or seeds meant the difference between having a full belly or going hungry.Living here in 21st century, super abundant West, I have the luxury of being able to create art work, with that bag of fruit and seeds. I hope that my work helps people to celebrate, once again, the awesome wonder of nature, and the feeling of their own unique connection to the Divine.”


If you want to get in contact with me, please use whatever form you feel comfortable

Phone me : 01395 446477

Text me: 07814 173963

Email me: keith@keithbeaney.com

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Snail Mail me: 15 Meadow Road, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, EX9 6JL, UK

Jungle Drums, Carrier PidgeonMessenger Boy or Girl, Dreams or any other creative way you can think of, just don’t be shy!