Alpha and Omega

“Exeter Cathedral Green
My first piece since the Long Dance, and it felt so good! I’ve been collecting after work for a few days, finishing with the Smoke Tree flowers this afternoon just before I got to the cathedral green. Full list of ingredients, starting from the center out:
21st century God and Goddess (cold cast bronze), Alexanders seeds, orange Budliea, Beech nuts, Greater Dock seed, purple Budliea, Rose hips, white Budliea, Cherry Plums, Teasels, Rowan berries, Acorns, Lime flower fruit, Cedar cones, Copper beech nuts, Tansy flowers, Conkers, Sycamore keys, Smoke tree flowers, Chestnut flower spikes.

A three and a half hour make, felt very energized when I had finished.
Picked it all up afterwards and am hoping to re use the ingredients tomorrow 🙂

Many thanks to Robin Harford and Zillah for their support, love and general funky vibes, and for the fab pics Robin took ❤”