Boggart 3

“Boggart woods 6/11/13
Mandala for Chris Elam.
Returned to the woods today after spending the morning foraging for materials to accompany a bag of fruits, dont know what they are, that I collected in the garden of a house Luke Goldswain and I sanded the floors in. Pulling up the giant bone like stems of one of the umbelliferous family, not sure which, Angelica maybe, my nose was filled with the most delicious mint aroma as I dragged them through the undergrowth onto the track.
Collecting the Buddleia flower stems I got stung by Stinging Nettles on my legs, which lasted all day, and ended in a pleasant warm glow.
The pink leaf stems came from a creeping vine that covers a wall in East Budleigh, easy to pick up as they had all lost their leaves and were at the bottom of the wall on the ground.
Once in the woods, I retrieved my box of materials left over from my last visit and had a wonderful surprise. Inside a plastic bag, was a gift to me from somebody I have never met. A beautiful original oil painting of a stream with Birch trees in moonlight, and a message from the artist saying how inspiring my “woodland tapestries” were and how she looked forward to discovering the next one.

Thankyou Wendy, I hope we meet sometime so that I can thankyou in person.
How awesome is that, I feel really moved to think of how a total stranger thought about me after their walk was over, returning to gift me with her own nature inspiration. ❤”