Budleigh Burn

“Budleigh Burns!
Litha celebrations 21/6/2014
What an amazing time was had!
40+ beautiful people, which actually swelled to 70+ from the neighbouring parties when we burned, came and supported Ali Young and I’s third fundraiser on the beach at Budleigh Salterton.

We raised £200.90!!!!

Lots of memories for me of “home” and my PHamily, in Black Rock City, Nevada, Burning Man. A three day make for the tree, where the first burn occurred under the blistering sun, a burn Im still glowing from! Big thank you again to Alan Carter for his ongoing support with the use of his farm yard where I made the tree, to everyone who attended, and special hugs to Richard Bowmer, Vernon Saunders and Verns mate Gary for help in the on-site construction, and the humping of everything along the long walk to our spot on the beach near to the mouth of the river Otter ❤”