Crab Apple and Rosehip

“Crab Apple and Rosehip Mandala,
Boggart Woods 13/11/13
Went to bed last night and woke this morning thinking about what and where I was going to forage for materials. I was almost feeling a bit stressed, as this was my only day this week for making. So after running a couple of essential errands in town, I was ready to start.
As soon as I drove out of town, a Crab Apple Tree called to me from the other side of the closed University of Plymouth site wall.
After parking up nearby, I climbed over the wall, using the “KEEP OUT. THIS SITE IS PATROLLED BY………” sign, to help me over, and found a Crab Apple Tree weighed down with a super abundant crop of yellow fruit. As well as a bag of fruit, I also picked, from a fallen branch of a huge Rowan Tree, the most amazingly coloured leaves.
No more worries , I was back in the flow!
“Float More, Steer Less” (John Halcyon Styn)
With various stops along the way to Boggart, including one to the river Otter to get what I thought I would collect, reeds, but left with something completely different, Rosehips.
Also met Richard Morris, who later popped up to Boggart to see what I’d made.
So with three hours left until pick up Louey time, I arrived with more than enough materials to make. Fingers and ears were very cold, as this was the first real frost of the year, but the sun soon warmed the air making a beautiful Autumn day.
Autumn this year is awesome!
Strong winds, stay away.
Lets have a full autumn riot this year. ❤”