Lords and Ladies

“Lords and Ladies secret!

24/04/2014Stowford woods.

In recycling the Lords and Ladies from yesterdays piece, I opened one up and found what amazing-ness was hiding under the hood. So unexpected, it made me laugh with my heart, just stunning ❤.Loved being able to use the Beech sepals. Found a road kerb thick with them, such an awesome Autumn colour in Spring Had to use Hearts Tongue ferns, love how they look like Earth tongues licking at the air from mossy banks,as they unfurl. This piece was for EX magazine, who are doing an article on me, going to be interviewed by Franie Mac on Friday, exciting!

From the outside in: Hearts Tongue ferns, finished Cherry Laurel flower spikes, Laurel berries, flowering Pendulum Flag grass heads, Beech sepals with Periwinkle flowers, Bluebells, Castor Oil plant berry heads and the same heads only minus berries, Dandelion flowers, Pendulum Flag grass heads,Oak Apples, Castor Oil plant berries more Laurel berries”