Old Man’s Beard

“Old Mans Beard, Bracken,Infertile Acorns and Stinking Iris berries 17/10/13
This week my attention has been grabbed by the profusion of Old Mans Beard or Travellers Joy, a member of the Clematis family, that runs riot through many a hedgerow.
So today I picked a bag, and went back to my favourite spot at the moment up on Woodbury Common, where I had left a big box of infertile Acorns that were left over from last weeks spiral. On the way I couldn’t resist the exploding Iris pods of amazing beauty, calling to me as I drove past, “Use Me, Use Me”, they were shouting.

How could I refuse!

On arrival at the woods, I harvested some more Bracken stems from the edge of the moor.
I love this process, they are such an amazing colour now as they prepare to surrender themselves to the soil again. I pull them up, and in doing so I disturb the loam they grow in, releasing a delicious earthy smell.
It wasnt long before the Robin turned up with his beady little black eye, looking for a tasty grub or worm. Had a bit of tech frustration with the Flip video recorder I was using to film the making process, basically, it kept turning itself off and then ran out of power, only managed to capture an hour of the make.
Up against the clock again to collect Louey, but timed this one perfectly, resulting in……….”