Stowford woods17032015.
Perseverance marks the beginning of my year creatively.
I’ve been engaged in setting up another floor renovation company, Fabulous Floors, which has needed my full time attention, leaving little or no time to do my heart work.
To help myself transit into a new relationship with work and find a balance with the need to honour my family and provide for them, and the needs of my heart, I’ve had to blinker my heartsong and just keep my head down , doing what I need to do to provide for us all.
Ive needed to do this so as not to feel unhappy when the hedgerows and woodlands call to me on my way to fix another floor, and I think, on the whole, I’m doing a great job!
So, my plan is to try and organise my work like this… three weeks on, making money, and one week off feeding my soul.
It will call for strong boundaries on my part, there is a constant demand for my services as a floor doctor, but I think its essential to ensure my happiness, making does make me happy.
Having started this week with my new intention, I’ve found it quite a challenge to take off the blinkers, I’ve had to Persevere.
Only yesterday, Wednesday, did I wake up with that familiar excitement to get out and make.
The weather was on my side , urging me on with encouraging warmth and light, but it was when I was engaged with foraging the red berries, that I remembered what it was all about…… the moment, the moment, its ALL about the moment, whether it be floor sanding, cooking, taxi-ing, foraging, making, walking, loving, some things may appeal to us more than others, but they are all in the MOMENT.
It was a great day, full of great moments, I look forward to many more as I walk on with ❤”