Tribute to Pharoah

“Dedicated to Pharoh, my loyal friend.
Woodbury Castle 25/11/13
For the last couple of days my heart has been heavy with the responsibility for the decision that has to be made around the end of this magnificent animals life.
Many of you may know that pharoe has had cancerous tumours in his anus, which has resulted in two extremely invasive surgical interventions over the last couple of years.
Being such a sensitive creature, visiting the vets resulted in him melting into a shivering mess at the door, and so after the last one, we as a family, decided that we would not put him through another intervention and have been waiting for the inevitable to happen.
On saturday a very small bleed appeared on his bed, meaning only one thing, that the time was coming when we have to say goodbye.
Being out with him today felt very special.
Pharoe has been my constant companion, for twelve years now.
He used to come to work with me every day, he has always come foraging with me, he is there when I am making, he has walked with me all over the countryside and sat by my side on many, many occasions, just being.
I have never known a dog with such a big grin, seriously, ear to ear grin!
Being a such a big dog his presence has always been felt on every level, and will leave a huge hole.
Todays pieces, and there are two others to come, were made at a favourite hang out for us on Woodbury Common, Woodbury Castle, a Bronze age hill fort, a stunningly beautiful spot.
Im going to miss you my friend ❤ Pharoe ❤”