Stowford Wood 16/10/14

Spent some of yesterday foraging so as to make today a longer making day, however the weather had other plans!!!
After dropping Louey off at school, I finished the collecting I wanted to do and headed up… to Stowford, only to have to wait for half an hour in the car, for a torrential downpour to finish.
With the dark clouds, and now a brilliant rainbow behind me, I headed on in, eager to get started.
It looked promising, blue sky, really cold, I thought that was it, ha!
Within ten mins, even before I had chosen the place to work, it was dark again with menacing grey black clouds pilling up from the west. with no shelter now as the trees are all bare, I was waying up whether to return to the car, when the clouds opened and the deluge began.
My weather coat and my fur hat kept the top half of me relatively dry, but my trousers and feet were drenched within a few minutes, and so going back to the car seemed pointless as I couldnt get any wetter.So I just stood in the teeming rain, praying for it to stop and let me get on.
It did stop raining, but in its place came a sheet of hail!
It was at this point I started to laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
We have a saying in our house, disappointment takes a lot of planning, and I saw in that moment of laughing, just how attached I had become to making a piece today, but I wasnt giving in!!!!!
So I stuck it out, being stung by the hail, being soaked from the waist down, and my perseverance paid off.
Five minutes later the hail stopped to be replaced by a gentle drizzle. This I could work with, so got down on my knees and started to make. Another ten minutes and I was basking in glorious sunshine, wahooo!!!!
Ingredients: Braken fronds, Carpinus berries, Teasels, Apples, Hazel Catkins, Snowberries and Figs.

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