Boggart 2

“Today’s session at Boggart.
Over the last week I’ve been making here, the total peace has been punctuated by the steady thump of infertile acorns falling from the Oak trees I’ve been working under, landing on the thick mulch of leaves and twigs that make up the floor.
So today I thought I would use them!
On my knees,I combed through the leaf litter, picking up a bag full, using them, and then starting over. Along side me, as has been every time I’ve come and worked here, was a fellow, feathered forager, a Robin.
He has been, sometimes only inches away, diving in at the slightest sign of food movement.
I have enjoyed his presence, and total acceptance of me being part of the “scenery”.
After the acorns, I collected the first fall of Oak leaves. They felt, and looked like they were made of gold, reminding me of how abundant my life is, also reminding me of John Halcyon Styn’s Hugnation talk last night, on Gratitude in the workplace.

I realised that Ive been indulging in a little self pity of late.
So, I spent the afternoon having a workplace gratitude session! I am blessed with a wonderful family that love me! I have the honour of loving and being loved by so many wonderfully awesome friends!

My life is wonderful!

I live in a wonderfully beautiful part of the world!

I have more than enough food to sustain me and my wonderful family!

ALL is fine!

I am truly grateful ❤”