The Conker Tree Mandala

“The Conker tree mandala.
Every year this tree, in East Budleigh, produces a huge crop of Conkers.
Sadly, children no longer play conkers in the playground, due to those kill joy, health and safety fanatics, so the conkers remain on the ground.
This year however, they called to me!
“Keeeeeiiiitttithhhhhh” they called, “come and play”.
So, on to my hands and knees, filling a carrier bag in 20 minutes.
Easy picking!
I put the bag in the car and collected Louey from school, a little further up the lane.
Next morning after dropping Louey off at school, I went foraging for more materials to be able to return to the tree and “play”.
I wanted to use the amazing seed heads from the Buddleia, better known as the butterfly bush, Rowan berries, and, crab apples, which I had seen growing close to the Buddleia bush I intended to harvest.
With my foraged bounty in carrier bags, I returned to East Budleigh, stopping on the way to pick some Michelmus Daisies that just caught my eye on the bank as I drove by.
I love having bags of resource, whatever they may be, I feel very “wealthy”.
Finishing the piece with conker cases left my fingers sore for two days, but worth every prick!
The snail was such an added bonus, watching it glide out and off to explore new lands, awesome”